Collaborative Paintings Donated for Roar & Pour Event

NexLynx Gallery of Arts & Five Artists donate Five collaborative paintings for Roar & Pour Event

NexLynx recently presented five donated framed paintings to the Friends of the Topeka Zoo. Over 16 months ago, the Friends of the Topeka Zoo approached NexLynx with an idea for a project that lead to the most unique collaborative paintings, pairing local artists with animals from the Topeka Zoo.

NexLynx graciously donated the framing for each of the five paintings with each artist donating their creativity, artistic skills and time towards this very rewarding project. The five paintings will be auctioned off at the Roar & Pour Wine Fest, April 29, 2017. All proceeds going to the Friends of the Topeka Zoo to use to support the Topeka Zoo’s education programs, conservation efforts, exhibit enhancement and more.

Lee Ryan, NexLynx President and staff, invited 5 artists, each selecting their Topeka Zoo animal collaborator. Staci Dawn selected Tembo the African Elephant, Bob Hayes selected the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Alexander Lancaster selected Tiffany the Gorilla, Jessie Logan selected Patrick the Red-Tailed Boa and Nicole Maddox paired with Rojo the Sumatran Tiger.

Each artist prepared their canvas before the animal added their own splash of color. After the animal was done adding their creativeness, the artists then completed the painting with any embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

“Looking forward to see how our artistic Hissing Cockroach Associate Artists adventure will be accepted at the Roar & Pour Wine Fest” says Bob Hayes. Jessie Logan’s painting framed with Patrick’s shredded skin, says, “You will own a truly original work of art when you acquire this unique painting.”

The Roar & Pour Wine fest is a brand new, adult only event at the Topeka Zoo which takes place April 29th, 2017 from 5-10pm. Featuring samplings of a variety of wines from local and national wineries, live entertainment, appetizers and desserts from local restaurants.

More details about the event and purchase your tickets online.