First Friday Art Walk

NexLynx Gallery is the “must see” art gallery on the First Friday Art Walk located in the historic Bates Building in the heart of Downtown Topeka. Beginning in 2010, we have shown hundreds of original photographs, paintings, carvings and sculptures from dozens of local and regional artists. The First Friday Art Walk is our “Opening Reception“ for each new monthly exhibit at NexLynx Gallery of Arts. The First Friday Art Walk is a program of ArtsConnect.

First Friday Art Walk – December 2021

Discover Art Downtown at our Artist Reception at NexLynx Gallery of Arts, Friday December 3rd from 5pm to 8pm. View the unique Firework Residue Paintings by Kyle Selley, during our First Friday Art Walk.

Kyle Selley, is a Kansas City-based artist best known for his Firework Residue Paintings which explore ideas surrounding nostalgia, spirituality, and the sublime. Drawn to spectacles of light, whether it is a shimmering, shooting star, or a luminous fireworks display, these sudden bursts of light ignite a part of the human spirit which innately captivates and temporarily mesmerizes.

He builds composition playfully and intuitively. Utilizing mediums such as videography, digital imagery, performance, ceramics, works on paper, works on canvas, and works on glass. Kyle’s work sets a new precedent in artistic techniques incorporating firework residue. He has been nourishing a relationship with fireworks since early childhood and was using them in creative and experimentative ways long before he felt compelled to create traditional artwork.

Kyle’s work creates an expansive, celestial realm of transcendental contemplation. It renders a three-dimensional experience within a two-dimensional canvas. Through the immersive image field and vast space created, filled with an almost overwhelming amount of visual information, he hopes to provide the viewer with a similar feeling of the sublime as he experiences while creating the work.

Masks are required for the safety of our guests, artists and staff. Please be courteous of others and maintain social distancing. Your well-being is our primary concern while you celebrate with us.

  • Our History

  • NexLynx Gallery of Arts started in 2010, after being selected as one of the venues for the ReThink Topeka Exhibition and Art Walk that same year and each year after. The Re-Think Topeka Art Walk was a movement to spur re-building community awareness through art and cultural events. NexLynx continues to be a proud supporter of the art community with our monthly exhibits and opening receptions. We worked with the former Arts Council of Topeka, and now ArtsConnect to promote art in the community as a premier downtown gallery on the Downtown Topeka Art Walk.

    The Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the historic downtown Bates Building. Walter L. Bates' (1859-1903) last business enterprise was the building of the structures on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Jackson Streets, known as the Bates Block, which includes the I.O.O.F. Hall (117 W. 6th - c. 1910) and 123 W. 6th (c. 1902).

    NexLynx Gallery was voted a Finalist for both 2016 and 2017 People's Choice Awards, nominated by people in the Topeka Community as their favorite stop on the First Friday Art Walk, a program of ArtsConnect.

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