First Friday Art Walk

NexLynx Gallery is the “must see” art gallery on the First Friday Art Walk located in the historic Bates Building in the heart of Downtown Topeka. Beginning in 2010, we have shown hundreds of original photographs, paintings, carvings and sculptures from dozens of local and regional artists. The First Friday Art Walk is our “Opening Reception“ for each new monthly exhibit at NexLynx Gallery of Arts. The First Friday Art Walk is a program of ArtsConnect.

First Friday Art Walk – June 2024

Edw. Balda is an art educator and accomplished artist in the Topeka area since 1970, known for his creativity, distinctive style and thought-provoking subject matter. He currently teaches Fine Arts at Hayden Catholic High School, specializing in Jewelry making, Ceramics, and Art History.

During his childhood, Edw.’s family moved often; living in Kansas, California, Ecuador and Germany. Always fond of drawing, he became increasingly interested in art as a high school student in Santa Monica, California. It was there, as well as in college that he was introduced to painting and art history.

Influenced by British painter, J.M.W. Turner, Edw.’s style consists of avoiding hard edges; preferring soft luminescent layers and ambiguous forms that at times might suggest waves or mountains. His interests to dramatic events in nature such as storms, volcanos, sunsets, or fog presents a sense of mystery, inviting the viewer to interpret what they see. His work is often linked to memories and experiences of his travels to Ecuador, where he maintains secondary citizenship.

Edw. has participated in various exhibitions and competitions locally as well as nationally. His work is part of collections on both coasts as well as in Ecuador. In addition to painting exhibits, he has accomplished recognitions in the field of printmaking and ceramics.

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  • Our History

  • NexLynx Gallery of Arts started in 2010, after being selected as one of the venues for the ReThink Topeka Exhibition and Art Walk that same year and each year after. The Re-Think Topeka Art Walk was a movement to spur re-building community awareness through art and cultural events. NexLynx continues to be a proud supporter of the art community with our monthly exhibits and opening receptions. We worked with the former Arts Council of Topeka, and now ArtsConnect to promote art in the community as a premier downtown gallery on the Downtown Topeka Art Walk.

    The Gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the historic downtown Bates Building. Walter L. Bates' (1859-1903) last business enterprise was the building of the structures on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Jackson Streets, known as the Bates Block, which includes the I.O.O.F. Hall (117 W. 6th - c. 1910) and 123 W. 6th (c. 1902).

    NexLynx Gallery was voted a Finalist for both 2016 and 2017 People's Choice Awards, nominated by people in the Topeka Community as their favorite stop on the First Friday Art Walk, a program of ArtsConnect.

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