Amy Allen

First Friday Art Walk
May 2021
From crafting, drawing, and painting, Amy uses art as a form of self-expression. Working primarily in acrylics, Amy discovered mandalas and the repetitive dot art technique to be very calming during a stressful time in her life. Inspired by an international artist and an author who teaches the technique, Amy learned the skill and has been dot painting mandalas in various forms and scenes since.

Diane Wurzer

First Friday Art Walk
April 2021
Diane is a photographer, focusing on outdoor, natural subjects. She considers herself a photographic artist who enjoys putting her own spin on nature for people who agree we don’t need to set limits on what the world should look like.

Timothy R. Bauer

First Friday Art Walk
March 2021
Color is so essential to Timothy; always drawn to the colors of the landscape, or sky and reflected shadows. By grinding pebbles, shells, etc. and blending them into his paint, he produces an actual pigment for each landscape or portrait he paints, creating a real, tangible link to the environment that enchanted him to it in the first place.