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Naomi Cashman

First Friday Art Walk
May 2022
Naomi has always had a creative urge. She came to be a watercolor artist after years of sculpting and painting waterfowl out of wood. She paints “plein air” or based off photos taken from her travels, giving her a wide variety of subjects. The natural beauty of the outdoors, its changing seasons and mood, influences her palette.

Oshara Meesha

First Friday Art Walk
June 2022
Starting her art journey in 2007, Oshara considers herself a healing creative artist. She is the happiest when others see her work and make their own interpretations of what it means. She loves to create jewelry, wall hangings and everything in between.

Jeremy Wangler

First Friday Art Walk
July 2022
Jeremy is a lifelong Midwesterner and a photographer who lives in Topeka. During the pandemic, he used his time to focus on his art and turn photography from a hobby to a chance to use the artform as a means to tell a story, raise awareness and show the beauty of our world.

Tim Bauer

First Friday Art Walk
August 2022
Color is so essential to Tim; always drawn to the colors of the landscape, or sky and reflected shadows. By grinding pebbles, shells, etc. and blending them into his paint, he produces an actual pigment for each landscape or portrait he paints, creating a real, tangible link to the environment that enchanted him to it in the first place.

Bernadette Robbins

First Friday Art Walk
September 2022
Though a lifelong sketcher, Bernadette began painting in 2011 after retiring. She continues to vary her technique and to find a multitude of styles unique to her. While acrylic painting is her go to medium, Bernadette also does needle felting, mosaics, clay sculpting, and has even started jewelry making.

Ye Wang

First Friday Art Walk
October 2022
Exhibit details not yet available.

Jancy Pettit

Jancy was introduced to meditative martial arts forms called Qigong and Tai Chi, which revolutionized her approach to artmaking. This universal energy, sometimes referred to as “Chi” literally moves her in a spontaneous, free-flowing way to create images, with no pre-planning or pre-conceived ideas. Her show combines paintings completed just using her hands to “fingerpaint” while doing Tai Chi and ceramic pieces formed by sometimes using small drawing tools, while moving chi through her hands.

Travis Garwood

First Friday Art Walk
December 2022
Travis, a Topeka native, utilizes a wide range of mediums to achieve his artistic vision. He typically works in photography, digital drawing, painting and colored pencils.

Lori Warren

First Friday Art Walk
January 2023
As an artist, Lori has experimented in many styles of art as well as mediums, painting human and animal portraits, landscapes, flowers as well as fantasy. Her prevailing style now is abstract acrylic, finding creativity in the freedom of the abstract form, as she translates the feelings to her paintings.

Gail Bean

First Friday Art Walk
Month 2023
Art is Gail’s passion and life’s work. Her non-objective acrylic paintings show the relationships between colors and textures, from subtle change to strong contrast. Though acrylic painting is Gail’s main medium, she also works with digital art, using her own photographs and manipulating them digitally.