Lisa LaRue-Baker

First Friday Art Walk
December 2023
Lisa, a traditional double-wall basket maker, explores various artistic media, including mobiography and digital manipulation, Cherokee twining, and other textile arts. Being a Native American artist, she not only specializes in crafting traditional art representing her tribe, but also delves into contemporary arts across diverse genres.

Hi Stockwell & Michael Bradley

First Friday Art Walk
May 2023
Hi will display oil paintings, using an ‘underpainting technique’, which involves painting a base layer acting as a foundation for other layers. Michael will exhibit clay pieces and etchings revealing his artistic talents and passion for the two styles.

Hayden High School Art Students

First Friday Art Walk
March 2023
NexLynx Gallery showcases the works of 9th – 12th grade art students from Hayden Catholic High School. Displaying pieces in a variety of mediums including paintings, drawings, ceramics, and jewelry.

Lori Warren

First Friday Art Walk
January 2023
As an artist, Lori has experimented in many styles of art as well as mediums, painting human and animal portraits, landscapes, flowers as well as fantasy. Her prevailing style now is abstract acrylic, finding creativity in the freedom of the abstract form, as she translates the feelings to her paintings.

Celebrating our 150th Art Walk Show

First Friday Art Walk
November 2023
You have been instrumental as we began our journey 13 years ago and have continued to show your support by coming month after month. We are honored for you to attend our special exhibit where we recognize 13 years of participation with our 150th special First Friday Art Walk exhibit.

Shawn Delker

Self-taught quilting artist, Shawn Marie Delker, started her quilting journey in 2000 and soon developed into something extraordinary when she discovered art quilting. Displaying her love and wonder of the natural world, her work is based on combining botanical printing and thread painting.

Shelly Bedsaul

Nancy has been doing art for many years and truly loves all kinds of art. She enjoys drawing portraits with colorful pencils and painting with alcohol inks. Depending on the materials she uses, she either feels relaxed or free to explore vibrant colors and make abstract art.

Megan Leigh Kasper

Megan Kasper

First Friday Art Walk
August 2023
Megan, a full-time emerging artist as well as interior designer in the Kansas City area, loves connecting with people and making life more beautiful. Based on a quote that “butterflies can’t see their wings and how beautiful they are”, she paints butterfly wings that people resonate with because it’s a visual of what their spirit and personality are.

Kathy Colon

First Friday Art Walk
July 2023
Kathy, a Kansas City artist, has been immersing herself in art for decades, working with mediums such as pastels, color pencils, acrylics, oil and watercolors. Her artwork includes pyrography, combining woodburning with acrylic paint.

Karen White

First Friday Art Walk
June 2023
A resident of Kansas City, Karen is passionate about creating artwork that expresses life in what she sees in people, wildlife and nature. Depicting emotion and capturing a unique moment in time with monochrome or vibrant colors using acrylic, pastel, color pencil, chalk graphite, oil pastel and pyrography.