Ed Balda

First Friday Art Walk
June 2024
Exhibit details not yet available.

Sylvia Levings

First Friday Art Walk
May 2024
Over the years as an active quilter, Sylvia has created lots of unique designs. She uses techniques such as quilting around images to make them puff out and appliqueing by hand. When there isn’t a printed image on material available, appliqueing by hand is a way to create the quilt picture.

Barbara Schilling & Diane Wurzer

First Friday Art Walk
April 2024
Focusing on outdoor, natural subjects, Diane Wurzer, will be displaying Photographic Art – photography with a twist.
Recently completing a metalsmithing class, Barbara Schilling, will display her new edgy jewelry designs with a variety of pieces to choose from.

Washburn Rural High School Students

First Friday Art Walk
March 2024
NexLynx Gallery showcases the works of 9th – 12th grade students currently enrolled in advanced art classes at Washburn Rural High School. Students work in a variety of media including metals, clay, acrylic, charcoal, graphite and various mixed media applications.

Chuck Cranston

First Friday Art Walk
January 2024
A retired professor, filmmaker and photographer, Chuck seeks to find interesting locations to photograph, from abstract space to serene beauty found in nature. He often likes to create cinematic images with his photography that are both interpretive and dramatic.

Pradeep Bangalore

First Friday Art Walk
Month 2023
A fascination with computer graphics and animation propelled Pradeep to delve into the realm of 3D computer modeling, which evolved into a unique artistic technique he coined “Lasered Layers.” This entails the painstaking assembly of intricately laser-cut sheets of paper, each layer meticulously crafted to create a captivating 3D relief effect.