Our 100th Show!

First Friday Art Walk
May 2019
NexLynx Gallery celebrates its 100th Consecutive First Friday Art Walk with a special exhibit, featuring selected pieces of artwork varying in photography, acrylics, mixed media, and more from over 35 of our returning artist alumni.

Charles Benton

First Friday Art Walk
March 2019
Our opening reception features photographer, Charles Benton. Most of Charles’ photos have some aspect of nature as their subject. Consisting of images taken from his travels to Great Britain, Iceland, near his home, right outside his front door, and from every season. He hopes for people to see his love of creation and perhaps be moved to look at the world around them with a new eye. Jump into spring and get into the Irish Spirit as we are serving Irish themed and “greenish” snacks and drinks.

Morgan Celeste

Morgan Celeste enjoys working with acrylic, mixed media, and watercolor in a variety of styles. Giving her art, an eclectic appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. She will be showcasing her pieces inspired by nature, from soft flowers to rocky brooks.

Nancy Jones

Art has been part of Nancy’s life from early childhood through her adult life by drawing what she saw, fascinated with molding metal into shapes, found objects and intrigued with the texture and color of pastel, watercolor, oil and fabric. Her exhibit reflects her love of landscapes and waterscapes from Kansas to other sites throughout United States, Australia and Europe.

Jordan E. Brooks and Nathan Biester

First Friday Art Walk
November 2018
Nathan Biester, is a mixed media, abstract and illustration artist from Topeka, who has shown from local coffee shops to international competitions.

Jordan E. Brooks, is a painter, illustrator, and Creative Consultant, influenced by a wide variety of work ranging from the classical to comic book greats from the 90’s.

Rodney Hoover

Rodney Hoover

First Friday Art Walk
October 2018
Rodney Hoover’s unique digital fine art composite project “Oxland” all started as a fluke while scanning historical family photos. Rodney decided to swap out the heads from family photos with the thousands of bovine images he has taken and created complete back stories for all these new characters. Fire up your taste buds and vote for your favorite beer infused chili in the highly popular, annual Art Walk Chili Competition.

Dave Horner

First Friday Art Walk
August 2018
View nature’s beauty in the photographs by Dave Horner. Dave, a nature and landscape photographer, came to Kansas thinking there would be nothing to photograph. He quickly realized Kansas was a photographer’s dream and is really beautiful if you take the time to look around you. Rock out as we celebrate Elvis week with music, food & take your picture with a life-size stand up of Elvis. Bring a small school art supply donation to help local children. Snacks, soda, beer and wine provided.

Geri Cummings

First Friday Art Walk
July 2018
Discover Art Downtown and view the beautiful watercolor and silk paintings by Geri Cummings. Painting is Geri’s escape, her mini vacation, so many paintings are from things that bring a sense of calm when she looks at them. A tranquil place to go in the middle of our chaotic lives. Participate in the fun downtown Scavenger Hunt, while continuing the 4th of July celebration. Snacks, soda, beer and wine provided.

Derek Voorhis

First Friday Art Walk
June 2018
Discover Art Downtown and view the captured beauty by photographer, Derek Voorhis. Photography is an area of art that Derek feels one will always learn and grow. He takes everyday objects and people and reimagines them in such a way to provide the viewer with wonder and amazement that would normally not exist. For a “gouda” time, “ricotta” try our delicious, cheesy themed food that will “brie” out of this world for the Cheesy Chalk Walk. Snacks, soda, beer and wine provided.